Website Development

We offer industry leading web development solutions that get you results.

We build websites with a focus on achieving your business objectives. From every line of code to each pixel on the screen our websites are created with a high level of attention and care.

Our Solutions

We offer industry leading Website Development Soltuions

Website Design

At Fraser Jilani Technical Consultancy, form is as important as function. We understand that the design of your website is the natural extension of your brand’s story. We design memorable web experiences that leave long lasting impression on your customers.

Website Development

We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies and always incorporate the best practices in all our work. Our clients benefit from working with a team of highly experienced developers that can turn any idea into reality.

Responsive Websites

In recent times the web is consumed by individuals using a large variety of devices and screen sizes. Our team ensures your website looks good and functions flawlessly across all of them. All our projects are tested rigorously across a great multitude of devices including Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computers.


Websites we build get ranked higher and faster on search engines like Google. We utilize the industry best practices for Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your information is recorded properly and all of your website’s pages are searchable.


We believe that a website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses. All our websites are built with a purpose and we ensure to maximize your ROI by focusing on your targets. We also provide usage metrics and reports regarding the performance of your website allowing you to make informed decisions.

Multilanguage Websites

Our websites are completely translatable to any language and we provide easy language switchers and language detection for your visitors device. We also provide translation services to aid our clients in sending the right message to their customers.

Our Process

Our five step process loop has been refined throughout the years to provide a streamlined approach to Website Development.

We discuss your vision for the project and put together ideas for design and functionality. Based on our initial notes we build a features list and suggest improvements and additional functionality. We put together a project development strategy and finalize software architecture.

We prototype interactive website pages with the functionality put together in the strategy stage. Once the prototypes are approved we create high fidelity versions to provide our clients with an accurate visual representation of their website.

We take the approved website designs and turn them into coded versions. We utilize scrum methodology with 2 week sprints and showcase new functionality as it is built by providing a link to the development version of the website for our clients to test.

Once the development is complete we perform User Acceptance Testing before making the website live.

We perform app performance monitoring and track user feedback to provide our clients with suggestions regarding areas of improvement.