Systems & Software Development

We are a software development company with experienced teams that are trusted to deliver business critical systems.

We design, develop and deliver bespoke software solutions for start-ups, SMEs and blue-chips passionate about improving their organisation's technical strategy.

Our Offerings

It’s usually safe to say that your business is different from the next one. Everyone organisation has unique requirements, and these never map perfectly to a specific technology, platform or turn-key product.
We don’t provide turn-key solutions. We rely on a partnership with each of our clients that offers unbeatable insight into how an organisation works. This insight enables us to provide innovative software solutions, efficiency enhancements and ultimately, software that works for your business.

Business Process Solutions

The software and systems that we provide to our clients go beyond the traditional brief, scope and build. By analysing an organisation’s processes, we can optimise and streamline efficiency, ensuring an immediate return on the software or system investment.

Business Automation

We provide numerous common business automation applications allowing our clients to reap the rewards of implementing our systems from day one. We then move on to automating unique areas of the organisation, through business process analysis, automation planning and systems delivery.

Machine Learning and AI

Where a business challenge or software requirement cannot be described in a structured set of rules, we can utilise Machine Learning (ML) Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build systems that progressively undertake a task with ever-improving accuracy.

Management Information

The software and systems that we develop track and report a multitude of different metrics by default. Our approach of complimenting business analysis with the development stages allows us to enhance further the parameters that are tracked and reported. The result is innovative dashboards of real-time business data — providing you with the metrics required to analyse the current state of your business against historical trends.

Insights & Analytics

While the Management Information (MI) we provide with our client’s software enables them to compare previous trends with current, the feature they unanimously agree that is most valuable is the Insights & Analytics we provide. Utilizing all of the information tracked by your system or software, we can combine your business strategy, additional market information and even Machine Learning & AI to provide insights into future trends, anticipations and areas of strength and weakness. These insights can then pave the way for a shift in business or technical strategy, improved business automation attempts, a reduction in waste or increase in efficiency.